Here's What We Do

Below are our most common offered services. Feel free to contact us regarding anything, even if not listed.

  • Common Services

As an electrician company in the business since the dinosaur age, we are more than familiar with electricity and wiring. We offer services from ceiling fan installation to motion sensor and home security designs. Upgrading existing electrical panels, installing track lighting, implementing building-wide surge protection, replacing circuit breaks and fuses, updating outlets and switches, installing recessed lighting, ... and so much more. Just give us a call, we can do it.

For businesses (or if you simply must have this feature in your home) we offer solutions such as explosion-proof electrical wiring, generator installations, premises-wide comprehensive security solutions, DC power wiring, infrared systems. We can provide the works.

  • Solar Panel Services

We specialize in both grid-connected and grid-independent (stand-alone) solar panel systems. Whether you'd like to simply reduce your electric bill, or perhaps eliminate it entirely, we've got you covered. We offer free estimates for the cost of installation and the improvement to your electricity bill.
We started working with solar panel installations 20 years ago. We've learned the ins and outs.
Did you know you can earn tax credits for having solar energy systems through 2021?

Our licenses and certification history stretches back the same 20 years that our experience does. Soon we'll offer small wind electrical systems. If you'd like to participate in that as early as possible, let us know!

  • Low Voltage Services

Low voltage systems are any system that, simply, don't apply to large appliances. Perhaps your AC system controller no longer automatically sets the AC to lower during the hours of the day in which you're not home. Maybe you'd like to be able to turn lights and appliances on and off from your phone. Perhaps you'd like to let someone in while you're gone and lock the door the rest of the time. Even new networks can be installed.

We can custom mount TVs and home audio systems, projectors, and intercoms.

  • Partners

Rapid Water Restoration:
If you've recently suffered damage to your building, whether it's from water or fire, this company will save you. When they're done we can come wire up the latest in electrical technology.


Wikipedia on Wiring:
Educating the internet on the basics of wiring is invaluable and something, alone, would be unachievable. Give a quick stop here to see a little bit of what our technicians learned to give you the quality service you desire.